August 2022:

  • Successfully deployed the SBU01 glider out of Shinnecock! She’ll be flying for a month. Piloting time!
  • Nimal de Lanerolle joins the lab as a Masters student! He’ll be studying salinity variability in Great South Bay using existing data from Charlie Flagg’s observational program. Welcome Nimal!

June 2022:

  • Lang (Maggie) Ming joins our group for the summer, as an undergraduate research intern! She’ll be analyzing data from the OOI Coastal Pioneer Array, looking for signals of the internal tide.
  • Christina Z., a student at Kings Park High School, joins the lab for the summer! She’ll be learning python, with the ultimate goal of analyzing spatiotemporal distributions of Atlantic Menhaden in Long Island Sound and the NY Bight.

March 2022:

  • Jack’s ONR proposal “Quantifying Patterns of Internal Wave Properties and Turbulence over the Inner Shelf”, a collaboration with Amy Waterhouse, is funded! Let the analysis begin!
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